Client Comments about Krys Cooper, LCSW, RPT-S


“Wow...your email brought tears to [our] eyes.  You understood us completely, allowing us to make sense of what is going on between all of us.  I am not sure if you are familiar with the steps of recovery, but there is a part where you are ‘restored to sanity’ by someone, and when I am crazy out of my mind because of [other parent], your words and analysis of the situation help walk me off the edge of insanity.  We are so lucky to have you!”


-         Parent of a client (age 5)


“The last few nights as I put [my child] to bed he wants me to turn off the lights, turn on the dream lights which project stars on the ceiling, and says, ‘let’s talk about feelings and stuff.’  So I spend a few minutes talking to him about whatever feelings he wants to talk about. Then [his Dad] does the same. Then he goes to bed.  Thanks Krys, for helping change my kid’s life.”


-         Parent of a school-based client (age 9)


“Thank you for your hard work on getting the teachers to communicate. If the teachers keep this up, this could really help things.  He tells me next to nothing about school usually, and what he tells comes out sideways.  This afternoon he was all animated and said: ‘I had the best time with Krys Cooper today, and I feel soooooo good.’  Days like this would not be possible without your invaluable help.”

-         Parent of a school-based client (age 10)


“Ms. Cooper is a loving, caring, helpful professional.  She has helped my child and family navigate difficulties and aided us in changing our behavior as a family to help my child.  My child adores Ms. Cooper and views her office as a safe space.  It is apparent she adores children and helps everyone who is under her care with full attention and knowledge.”


-         Parent of a school-based client (age 11)


“[My daughter] and I are in such a good place together right now, and I thank you regularly in my head and hope some of that sails through the air to you. She is my awesome girl.”                     

-         Parent of a client (age 11)


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